Arusha Coffee Farm

Arusha Coffee Farm
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February 23, 2017

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LOCATION; Oldean Village, Karatu Arusha Size of the farm 2365 Acres, commonly known as Unit 4 and 5, contained in two separate Title dids. LAND USE; 460 Acres of land Planted Arabica Coffee. Arable land 800 acres planted Barley. Other part of the farm planted seasonal crops that is maize and remaining part of the land contains bush, valleys & Forest. BORDERS Northern : Neighbours available East : Karatu – Mang’olla main Road South : Neighbours Coffee Estate West : Ngorongoro Conservation Area/forest. SOURCES OF WATER.: Ngorongoro Rain/Natural Water reserve. The most important, showed before the dry season starts, COFFEE PRODUCTION Approximately 200 tons annually. Also can be increased as the number of land is still remaining fertile and big enough. BUILDINGS: Office, Buildings, Coffee Storage facility Directors Residence, Managers House, Staff residence within the farm. COFFEE TYPE: Arabica.,Kent SL27, ELEVATION: 5600 to 5800 feet Plant Coffee processing machinery/tractors vehicle land cruisers, tucks to deliver to pot and other places need to be taken,  DISTANCE, Approximately 12 kilometers from Karatu main Tarmac road. POWER, High Voltage Electricity Connection to the farm. AWARD: 2007 Awarded Best Coffee of the year by East African Coffee Association, ENCUMBRANCE: NIL (Subject to Confirmation) Picking Coffee August in the heavy shaded Blocks where misty cold clouds were presents during the morning hours. Picking starts at 8:00am, the pickers were instructed to pick only ripe coffee and were supervised by Coffee farm manager. Map of the Coffee areas Estate will be provided few months comings as the owner will be bring. All of this coffee trees were planted 1931 and are Arabica & Kent SL27 varietals. They has never been irrigated thus their roots sytem reaches the deep Volcanic soil layers.
Coffee carried by people to the elevated sum drying tables until a moisture content of 11.5% and finally conditioned in bins till transportation to Moshi

Property Features

  • Best Coffee
  • bored Ngorongoro
  • Lot of water

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